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Pre-School With Multiple Disabilities

Special School For Children With Multiple Disabilities is creating a warm and welcoming place for kids facing multiple challenges. Our world of special education is about an education that suits each student down to basics. We present some seriously well-thought-out teaching methods, special gear, customized materials, and settings that are easy to get around in. These clever strategies are all aimed at helping kids with special needs become more self-sufficient and do brilliantly in their studies – something that might not always be on the menu in a regular classroom. And in our classrooms, we like to keep things cozy, with a low student-to-teacher ratio, usually around 10:1. Our classes are set up based on the kids’ age, smarts, and what they’re particularly good at, giving them a personalized and encouraging learning experience.

The preschool years mark a crucial period for rapid human development and the formation of learning habits. For children with special abilities, this stage presents the best opportunity to influence their growth positively and mitigate the effects of disabilities. As soon as children develop enough skills to engage in basic activities, they can join our full-time early intervention class.

Pre-vocational Training Unit

As children with special needs transition into adulthood, we believe in empowering them to thrive in a world that celebrates their uniqueness. Our educational programs are carefully crafted to cultivate their work readiness, enhance their social and communication skills, raise awareness about safety precautions, hone their task analysis abilities, and guide them in making informed career choices. These programs serve as a bridge, not only to the world of work but also to further vocational and technical education, opening doors to a future filled with possibilities where their talents can shine and aspirations can flourish.

Care Group

In the haven we have created for children facing severe impairments, we are on a mission to nurture their spirits. We embark on a unique journey, guiding them towards mastering essential life skills like daily activities (such as eating, grooming, toileting, and dressing), as well as the beautiful art of thriving in the world of social interactions and effective communication.

Every child receives the gift of rehabilitation therapies, tailored to their specific needs, supporting their journey to reach their full potential.

And for those young explorers setting sail to mainstream schools, we craft personalized Individualized Education Programs, charting a course for their success in the wider world of education, where they can shine brightly and confidently.

School For Hearing Impaired

We all have departed from conventional methods that used to confine hearing-impaired children to a world of silence, where signs and gestures were their only means of expression. With the advent of cochlear implants and digital hearing aids, these children have found a harmonious melody within, allowing them to speak their truths and share their inner worlds with confidence and clarity.

Our unique strength lies in the intensive and specialized training we’ve received from the Central Institute of Deaf, USA. This training has equipped us to excel in the field of rehabilitating hearing-impaired children. Our dedicated team of speech therapists and teachers not only fosters effective communication through Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) but also nurtures academic excellence. Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to seamlessly integrate children into mainstream education, eliminating any potential difficulties. Furthermore, we take pride in maintaining an exceptional student-teacher ratio of 5:1, ensuring personalized attention and support for each child.

Classes Offered

Preschool (2-4 years)

A well-structured language-centric curriculum crafted in alignment with the child's unique abilities.

Kindergarten (4-6 years)

Personalized guidance, encompassing listening, speech, and language development, while holistically nurturing academic progress. An environment brimming with language and literacy opportunities, nurtured through play and the enhancement of social skills.

Primary 1 & 2 (Above 6 years)

We follow a regular academic curriculum, and our dedicated teachers team up with speech therapists, psychologists, and occupational therapists to ensure the best possible learning conditions for each student.

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