Community-based rehabilitation

Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) stands as a pivotal strategy for general community development, with a profound aim — to facilitate the rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities, and social inclusion of all individuals with disabilities. At its core, CBR seeks to enhance the quality of life for those it serves.

Barriers to disability inclusion come in various forms, ranging from deeply ingrained attitudes to environmental challenges and institutional impediments. Attitudinal barriers, characterized by stigma and discrimination, undermine the dignity and untapped potential of individuals with disabilities, posing a formidable obstacle to achieving equitable opportunities and social integration. Inaccessible environments, with their architectural barriers, inadvertently create disability by hindering participation and inclusion. Institutional barriers encompass laws, policies, strategies, and practices that perpetuate discrimination against people with disabilities. Additionally, the stigma surrounding disability can lead to exclusion from societal interactions, further discouraging proactive self-expression and the assertion of their rights, ultimately resulting in continued isolation.

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