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Community Based Rehabilitation Disability Advocacy

NIARC / Community Based Rehabilitation Disability Advocacy

Community Based Rehabilitation & Disability Advocacy.

CBR is a strategy within general community development for the rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities and social inclusion of all people with disabilities. The primary objective of CBR is the improvement of the quality of life.

There are several barriers to disability inclusion. It can be attitudinal, environmental, and institutional. People with disabilities may also internalise barriers which prevent their inclusion.

Attitudinal barriers, which result in stigmatisation and discrimination, deny people with disabilities their dignity and potential and are one of the greatest obstacles to achieving equality of opportunity and social integration and the most difficult to eliminate. Inaccessible environments/ Architectural barriers create disability by creating barriers to participation and inclusion.Institutional barriers include many laws, policies, strategies or practices that discriminate against people with disabilities.Stigma relating to people with disabilities results in their exclusion from societal interactions, which in turn can result in their ‘lack of pro-active behaviour in expressing their opinions and claiming their rights’, leading to further exclusion.